3 Ways to Expand the Living Space in Your Home

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There are a variety of ways that you can add to the space of your home without even adding to its footprint. Doing more with the space that you have is a cost-effective means of increasing your living area. Here are some ways to add to your living space and increase the value of your home.

Finish the Garage

As Salter Spiral Stair puts it, there’s nothing that says that the space that’s currently your garage must be used for cars, especially if you have a driveway or a place to park in front of your home. If you finish the area and add a window and a few additional utilities, your garage can become a bedroom and may be more valuable as living space. Buyers are looking for more bedrooms in their homes. The garage is a great space to renovate since there are already walls and some existing infrastructure there. Adding some drywall or plywood is a cost-effective means to transform the space.

Add a Basement

According to Jean C. Wiley & Sons, basements can be a cool way of adding to your living space without expanding the house structure. It can be used as an additional living room, bedroom, children’s play area, storage room or a hobby room. While there is some excavation and utility work necessary, it is cheaper to build below the existing space than it is to build up or out. Finished basements add to your square footage and make your home more appealing to prospective buyers. If you have an unfinished basement, the cost to finish it compares favorably to adding space to your home.

Enclose Your Patio

Your patio is a space that probably gets some use, but it can have a large impact on the value of your home if it is enclosed and converted to a bedroom or living area. The chances are that your patio is in an area that draws plenty of sunlight, making this an attractive area to renovate and enclose. Patio Enclosures explains that patio enclosures are one of the more cost-effective means of adding renovations to your home. You may even be able to enclose a patio through the use of windows as opposed to adding to the frame of your home. This is a flexible renovation with many different ways to accomplish the job.

You have many options for adding to the living space of your home without breaking the bank. When you move beyond the idea that you need to add on to your house to expand your space, you’ll realize that there are a lot of opportunities for increasing its value.

For calculating the worth of your home, it’s important to know what your home would list for as is. Make sure to check out the other homes and their prices in your area to get a more clear idea.