4 Tips for Making the Perfect Bedroom Decor

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When you buy a new house, you want to make it your own so it really feels like a home. The bedroom is the ideal space to let your creative juices flow and to give your personality the chance to shine. When looking to makeover your bedroom yourself, it is important to consider these four tips.

Know Your Space

Your bedroom should be a place to escape the hustle and bustle of life. This peaceful oasis will not be tranquil if it is too busy. Early Bird explains, “it is important to not clutter your bedroom with too much furniture and other extraneous items.” Before undergoing a bedroom makeover, be sure to take accurate measurements of the room and its furnishings and accessories so that you have an estimation of the constraints that you have.

Color Matters

The concept of color theory offers practical guidelines for choosing hues to achieve the visual effects and moods that you desire. Value Store It explains, “the bedroom is all about unwinding and relaxing in order to promote good sleep. Color plays a huge role in either stimulating or relaxing your mind and body. Restful blues are one of the most popular colors for bedrooms, but choose any color or neutral that makes you feel happy and peaceful.” Whether it is soothing colors like soft gray or pale yellow or more vibrant colors that make you feel at ease, it is important to choose the palette that best suits your personality.

Creative Headboards

A headboard is a perfect place to get creative and to experiment. If you get bored easily and like to change your decor often, choose something less permanent, such as a cool curtain to hang behind the bed. If you are especially artsy, a chalkboard paint accent wall behind the bed will allow you to customize the area with the season. A mosaic of tiles can also draw attention to the space and can allow you to get creative with geometric shapes and bold colors.

Gallery Wall

A gallery wall is a fun way to display your most treasured pictures and favorite art prints. Because there are no hard-and-fast rules for a gallery wall, you can customize the space to your liking. Frame Bridge explains, “using all the same, or similar frames creates a high impact and professional look. You should also select photos that compliment each other or work well together.” Use a variety of frames and textures to add depth to the wall. By experimenting with many different ideas, you can turn a boring bedroom into a work of art.

Your bedroom should be a reflection of you. Do not be afraid to experiment when designing it to fit your personal needs and preferences.

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