How to Give Your Bathroom a Fresh Look

How to Give Your Bathroom a Fresh Look

Bathrooms are one of the areas of your home that buyers will look most closely at. If you want your home to sell for a good price, you should make sure that you get your bathroom up to date with a fresh look. This doesn’t necessarily have to mean doing a full remodel of your bathroom either. There are some things you can do that will update the look of your bathroom.

Installing a New Vanity

Bathroom vanities are arguably the most obvious and most used furniture in a bathroom. As such, installing a new vanity can be a great way to give your bathroom a fresh look. When choosing your vanity, consider aspects like the size of the bathroom, the number of sinks you intend to have, whether or not you want to have a mirror, and the storage space you want to have. From an appearance standpoint, it’s best to match the vanity hardware to the rest of the bathroom hardware. Aside from that, you’ll need to take into account what your budget is. That will impact what vanity countertop materials you can use.

Replacing Your Floor

Replacing the flooring in your bathroom can be a great way to give it a face lift, especially if the flooring has become damaged in any way. Keep in mind that there are some flooring materials that aren’t well suited to use in a bathroom. Carpet and wood floorings can easily become damaged due to excessive water exposure. It’s also important to be careful in the process of removing and replacing your floor. Tearing out old tile can create a lot of dust and harmful particles. Make sure you use appropriate safety gear if you choose to replace the flooring yourself.

Repainting the Walls

Similarly, repainting the walls of your bathroom can be a great way to give your bathroom a fresh appearance. Be careful in your bathroom’s paint color selection. You don’t want the color to be off putting to those using the bathroom. Beyond the color, it’s important to select paints that offer protection from mold. Some paints have additives that have antimicrobial properties that are resistant to mold growth. For further protection from damp conditions, use a moisture-resistant primer to help prevent your paint peeling.

If you want to give your bathroom a fresh look, there are some things you can do without remodeling the entire room. Try installing a new vanity, replacing your floor, repainting your walls, or a combination of the above. This will help breathe new life into your bathroom and give it a newer look that will help it go over better with potential buyers.

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