How to Personalize the Kitchen in Your New Home


For many families, the kitchen represents the heart of the home. It’s a place where people gather over pots of homemade stew to chat and relax. That’s why it’s so important to have a personalized kitchen. It reflects the warmth of your personality and makes everyone feel welcome. Fortunately, personalizing the kitchen doesn’t have to be challenging: Start the job by replacing or changing out the following key items.

Replace the Lighting

When you change the lighting in the kitchen, you change the mood. By adding fixtures that replicate ambient lighting, you imitate the effects of natural sunlight. Accent lights, like track lights, can bring focus to an important feature in the room, like the dining area. An intricate chandelier adds visual interest and personalizes the space even more. Aside from this, great lighting adds a visual boost, making the mood seem lighter and more welcoming.

Replace the Cabinets

You’ll want to pick good kitchen cabinets that match the aesthetic that you want. This is particularly true if the cabinets in your kitchen are outdated and worn out. If you don’t change this feature, then your kitchen aesthetic will look off-kilter. Fortunately, there are kitchen cabinet styles that fit just about every decorating taste from rustic wood to industrial. Your cabinets are the bones of the room, so take time to make them beautiful.

Brighten It With Color

If you’ve just purchased your home, chances are the previous owners painted everything a neutral color in the name of staging. Add a jazzy paint color like red or mustard yellow to one of the walls to create an accent wall. Personalize the room even more by adding a gallery of black and white photos of friends and family on your painted wall. Additionally, make sure to select your paint carefully. Matte paint tends to look grimy after a little use and can be difficult to clean. If you can, find a gloss- or semi-gloss paint in a color you love. This will perk up the area and make cleaning the walls easier in the process.

Personalizing your kitchen makes it feel warm and inviting. It also reflects your personality. Many people also look to kitchen renovations when they want to increase the value of their homes. It’s good to keep this fact in mind if you’re having trouble justifying the money you’re spending on this home update.

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