How to Quickly Boost Your Property’s Curb Appeal Before Selling


When it comes time to place your house on the market, you will of course want it to look appealing to the potential buyers that are driving by. Even if you are not planning on selling, you may want to implement some easy and inexpensive cosmetic touches to your home. Cleaning and neatening the outside of your home is the answer, and you can do these tasks yourself with a minimum of effort and outlay of cash.

Low-Maintenance Landscaping

One of the easiest and least expensive methods to help improve your home’s exterior appearance is by conducting some simple landscaping that is low maintenance in nature. Take stock of your front yard and pay particular attention to your lawn, shrubbery and street borders. Artificial turf has a lot of benefits for homeowners beyond their low maintenance, and you may want to place small sections in strategic areas. You can also get great deals on natural sod if you buy remnants.

Trim existing shrubbery and add flowering shrubs by planting them in the yard or placing in planters. A red or reddish-brown mulch can add an attractive contrast to your bushes and plants and help with weed prevention. Be sure to edge and trim the edges of your yard where it borders the street. Cut away dead areas on your trees and plants and clear away any debris. Placing inexpensive LED lamps along your pathways imbues an elegant touch that looks appealing from the street.

Fix Cosmetic Issues

Check the exterior of your home for any damaged areas. Replace any rotten or broken bits and paint the trim around the windows and doors. Clean the screens, shutters and window panes. Clear the gutters and any depressions in the roof that may have collected leaves or other debris. This will help to ensure that bigger problems with your gutters don’t develop. Make sure your light fixtures look neat and clean and check for any exposed wires or nails that may be protruding. If your mailbox is old and decrepit, replace it.

Pressure Wash

It is inexpensive to rent a pressure washer, and they are easy to use. You can safely and efficiently remove years of grime from the exteriors of your home, whether they are brick or painted wood. You can pressure wash your driveway and your sidewalks. You will be amazed at the new look this will impart to your home.

Most of us are busy people with busy lives, and everyone wants a great yard that does not take up a lot of time to keep in good order. By instituting a few repairs, trimming and cleaning the yard and placing some turf and shrubs around the yard, you can significantly increase the outer appeal of your home.

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