Pests, Remodeling, And You: What To Know

Remodeling the Kitchen

Remodeling your house provides a great opportunity to clean out the dark and dusty corners of your home. While cleaning, you may discover that you have unwanted houseguests, including spiders and mice. If you notice any critters, living or dead, a remodel is the time to address it.

Seal Up Cracks

No matter where your remodel happens, check around the perimeter of your home for gaps where creatures, such as mice, can get in. According to Esurance, mice only need 1/4 inch of space to get into your home, so review any gaps in siding corners, weep holes in brick, and gaps around door frames to make sure that mice aren’t welcomed easily into your home. One easy way to seal up cracks and holes that you might find is to fill them with steel wool and then caulk around them. For larger cracks or holes, you might need to use more heavy-duty materials like cement or sheet metal. 

Begin a Full House Check

If you’ve got evidence of one mouse, you’ve got a mouse problem. There’s never just one mouse. According to Insight Pest Control, while the common house mouse rarely travels more than fifty feet from their shelter, the females give birth to an average of six babies, six times a year, meaning the number of nests will quickly expand. Their waste is a biohazard that can make you quite sick. Mice don’t see well, so they like to travel along the boundaries of your home. This is the place to set your traps or place poison. If you have pets or small children, poisons should be placed with great care and monitored carefully to avoid any access to these toxins. There are special bait traps that can only allow a mouse in and protect your pets and kiddos from exposure.


There are several naturally recommended ways to protect your home from spiders and ants. If you’re concerned about poisons, it’s important to weigh the risks. For example, according to Common Sense Home, there are several essential oils that repel spiders, and if your spider infestation is pesky but not poisonous, these may be worth a try. However, there are spiders, such as the brown recluse, that like to hang out in dim spaces, such as under the edges of trash cans or laundry baskets. A bite from one of these spiders can be devastating and cause a great deal of tissue damage. If you suspect you might have brown recluse spiders or any other poisonous creatures in your house, it might be best to leave their removal to the professionals so you don’t risk getting hurt. 

Getting rid of pests is a serious business. Mice can be a real nuisance and health risk and spiders can be poisonous. If you’re opening up walls or replacing cabinets, review the space for evidence of pests and do whatever it takes to remediate the issue.