3 Tips for Moving into Your First Home

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Moving into your first home can be exciting as you look to put some roots down and invest in real estate. When moving into your first home, there are many tasks and chores to complete in advance to ensure that you can have an easy and smooth transition. Here are a few basic tips to follow when moving into your first home.

Clean BEFORE the Move

If you want to feel comfortable and at ease when moving into your new home, it is important to clean the interior setting before you transport all of your furniture. Take a day or two to ensure that every surface is spotless and that all signs of the former residents are gone. Carpets tend to accumulate dust, debris, and other allergens, so start by giving the carpets a deep clean. Consider dusting the baseboards and wiping the blades on ceiling fans in each room. You can also take the time to spray for pests before all of your personal belongings arrive. Wiping down cabinet shelves is also necessary to ensure that dust and crumbs are removed from the kitchen and bathrooms.

Get Your Paperwork in Order

There is often plenty of paperwork that needs to be completed before moving day. Apartments often require appointments and certificates of insurance when moving. You can start by forwarding your mail with the USPS to ensure that you can continue to receive all of your bills or paychecks. It is also necessary to change your address with credit card companies, your bank, and your employer. Check with your condominium association to determine if you have a balance that is owed.

Measure for New Furniture

Moving into a new home means that you will need to furnish the space with new furniture. Many people do not have enough items to fill the home due to the larger space that they now own. Make it a point to measure each room for any new furniture that you plan to buy to ensure that everything fits correctly before it is delivered. You may also want to measure the windows for blinds or curtains that you plan to install to ensure that you have privacy right when you move into the home.

Moving into your first home means getting to enjoy the freedom that comes with homeownership and with decorating and creating your own personal space. With the right steps taken in advance, it will prove to be a smooth and successful transition that does not have to require a lot of stress.


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