What Makes the Biggest Impression on Potential Home Buyers?

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In today’s red-hot real estate market, it is more important than ever to make your house stand out among the pack. Before you put your home on the market, it is critical that you invest your time and money into areas that will make the biggest impact on potential home buyers. Here are three areas that have the potential to make the most significant impression on prospective buyers.


Most prospective home buyers make up their mind about whether to tour a home within minutes of seeing the outside. Putting your time and money into improving the curb appeal of your home will have the biggest impact on the aesthetic of your house. Even things as simple as replacing your old doormat, planting some colorful blooms along the walkway leading up to the door, and making sure that the yard is always freshly cut and manicured will go a long way in encouraging home buyers to step inside. When it comes to selling your home, the old adage is true. You never get a second chance to make a first impression.


While it may seem like an innocuous style element, the windows of your home can elevate an ordinary house into something extraordinary. Windows control the amount of light that filters into the home. Choosing windows that allow for an abundance of natural light will make a big impact on the overall brightness of the home. Different styles of windows go better with different types of home styles, so you have to make it both practical and match.

Appeal to All of the Senses

Many home sellers focus on the visual appeal of the house but end up neglecting to appeal to the other senses in the process. There is a lot that you can do to boost the overall impression that home buyers walk away with after they tour your home. Appeal to the sense of hearing by playing soft music in the background during a showing. One of the first things that people notice when they walk in a home is the smell. Baking some cookies just prior to a showing or boiling some cinnamon sticks will create an inviting smell that feels like a cozy home.

With the right preparation, you can set your home apart from the competition. Not only will this generate more interest, but it will also help you get more money for your home.
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