3 Questions to Ask Your Moving Company

Moving Employees

Moving to a new location is hard work and often requires hiring help to transport all of your belongings. Finding a moving company in the area will make it a smoother and more efficient process from beginning to end. If you want to find the right company to hire, there are a few critical questions you should ask a potential moving company to ensure that they can be trusted.

Are You Licensed?

When you’re looking to hire a moving company to use in your area, you should check that the business has proper licensing that shows they’re qualified to offer moving services. According to Travelers Insurance, you should ask if they’re licensed to avoid scams. Obtain their license number, which is issued by the United States Department of Transportation. Keep in mind that some local movers are only licensed by the state and can’t transport belongings across state lines.

What Happens if Something Goes Wrong?

When you’re transporting heavy items and valuables to another location, there’s always the risk of something going wrong. If accidents occur, you don’t want to have to pay for the costs to repair or replace anything. Ask the moving company what steps they’ll take if an issue occurs. Reputable businesses should be able to provide insurance information to ensure you’re not at a loss if they make a mistake during the process or damages occur. According to On The Move, customers should be able to verify insurance policies and understand what is or isn’t covered by them.

What is the Cost of the Services?

You’ll need to know what the moving services will cost you in advance to ensure they fit within your budget. Asking about pricing up front also helps to make sure that there aren’t any hidden fees and that you won’t be surprised when it’s time to pay the moving company. According to My Move, you should ask if the quote is binding and if it includes any extra charges or fees. You’ll also want to ask them how they charge, which may be by the distance that they need to travel or the number of hours that they work. Know the payment options that are available and what the moving company’s cancellation policy is to ensure that you’re informed and can find the right company to use. 

Moving is never easy, but it can be easier if you and your moving company are on the same page. Interviewing different moving companies can allow you to make an informed decision and avoid potential issues due to miscommunication. Understanding the most important questions to ask will enable you to protect yourself and enjoy a high level of convenience once you’re ready to relocate.

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