3 Tips for Protecting Fragile Belongings During a Move

Moving Fragile

Moving can be an intense task. If you have a decent number of fragile items, this will be especially true for you as you prepare to grow new roots in a new location. Here are three ways to protect all of your fragile belongings when you’re moving to your new place.

Consider Light Exposure

A lot of people forget that fragile items are not just things that can break, like glass or china sets, but can also fade or discolor if exposed to direct sunlight. Remember to protect items like fabrics, pictures, and documents that are important and could fade if left in the wrong place. For example, throws and rugs made from wool start to yellow pretty quickly if they’re out in the sun.

When you’re preparing for a move, pack these types of items with double the care that you would with other fragile items. Make sure that they are in protective sleeves that can withstand water as well as exposure to intense light for long periods of time. That way, if you pull them out once you’re unpacking and they get moved to a place where you didn’t intend them to be, they’ll still be protected.

Use the Right Packing Materials

Both bubble wrap and wrapping paper are useful for protecting fragile items. Before you purchase these materials, be aware of the size of your items and how much material you’ll need. Packing peanuts are another cost-effective option. Remember to ask any friends or family who’ve moved within the last three to six months if they have any extra packing peanuts, bubble wrap, or packing paper that they’re willing to give to you for your move. Handing their packing stuff over will save them the hassle of disposing of these items, so they’ll generally be more than willing to hand them over.

Move Them Last

One of the best ways to protect any of your fragile belongings during a move is to move them at the end of your move. By waiting to place them into your moving truck or car until the move is nearly complete, you lower the odds that your important, fragile items will be misplaced or mishandled. Putting them into the moving truck last also makes it less likely that they could get crushed by heavy boxes shifting during the drive.

Use these three tips during your next move, and you can feel confident that your treasured belongings will arrive safely to your new home.

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