Lawn Maintenance Tips That Will Help Your Grass Stay Green Year After Year


A lush, jewel-green lawn is the pride of any homeowner with even a small piece of property. However, getting a lawn to look this good takes a bit of work and some planning. Here are three tips to keep your lawn’s grass green year after year.

Using the Correct Amount of Water

Grillo Services recommends that you water the lawn to the point of saturation once or twice a week if you don’t live in an area that gets lots of rain. Shallow, frequent watering doesn’t allow the roots of the grass to penetrate deeply enough into the soil. Water your lawn in the morning before it gets hot enough to quickly evaporate the water. Lawns shouldn’t be watered after the sun goes down because the moisture clinging to the grass all night long encourages problems.

Weed Control

Some people don’t care if their lawns are full of weeds because they think weeds are interesting, bring their own beauty or are even edible. Other people do not even want to see a hint of dandelion, purslane or crabgrass. The best way to stop weeds is to kill them before they germinate. This is done with a pre-emergent herbicide that you apply to your lawn early in the spring.

Another way to discourage weeds is to let your grass grow a bit taller than you like early in the season. The height of the grass blades shades out the weeds. Applying fertilizer judiciously also strengthens grass without feeding the weeds. Preventive Pest Control advises that correctly balancing proper watering, fertilization, and insect prevention is necessary to prevent weeds from sprouting.

Biannual Aeration

Briggs & Stratton advises getting oxygen into your lawn twice a year by loosening up the soil. Lawns should be aerated when they get lots of traffic, if they were recently installed, have thatch or were created from sod. You can use a spike or plug aerator to aerate your lawn. Spikes poke needed holes in the soil, while plug aerators pull tiny plugs of soil and grass from your lawn. The best time to aerate is during the spring and the fall.

Knowing when and how much to water your lawn, keeping down the weeds and the pests and aerating twice a year go a long way to keeping your lawn green and luxuriant. Your hard work will be well worth it.

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